(YML PreProcessor)

Joseph E Coffland

05 April 2006

Version 1.5.0

ymlpp preprocesses YML files to produce either flat YML or GraphViz dot files.

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ymlpp [OPTIONS] [variable=value] filename.yml


ymlpp is part of the SESAME software system. More information can be found on the web at http://sesamesim.sourceforge.net/.

Command Line Usage


Print DOT graph.
Flatten DOT graph.
Suppress interpreter output. (except errors)
Print full stack trace on errors.

variable=value pairs can be used to pass parameters to your simulation at run time. This can be used, for example, to name input files. These variable value pairs are made available to the YML scripting language which in turn can pass the values to application processes via YML properties. See the YML Users Guide for more information.


.yml files
ymlpp reads YML application files. YML is described in detail in the YML Users Guide.


Joseph Coffland - jcofflan@users.sourceforge.net

See Also

PNRunner(1), ymlpearl(1), http://sesamesim.sourceforge.net/