B.J. Overeinder J.G. Stil

05 April 2006

Version 1.5.0

ymlpearl Builds ymlpearl architecture simulation components.

Table of Contents


ymlpearl [OPTIONS] target


ymlpearl is part of the SESAME software system. More information can be found on the web at http://sesamesim.sourceforge.net/.

ymlpearl finds a builds the target and all of its dependencies. Dependencies are found by reading in the use statements in .ps files. ymlpearlc is called to do the actual compilation. The result of the build is an executable named 'target' which has its own interface described in ymlpearlexec(1).

Command Line Usage


verbose mode.
mulga flag.
Set optimization level where # is a number see the c compiler man page for specifics.
Define a name value pair.
Dry run. Just test for errors. No output.
Don't link.
Turn on debugging info.
Output core on fatal errors.
Turn on profiling information.
Add additional options to the c compiler.
Add a library search directory.
Turn on triv flag.
Turn on bounds checking.


.ps files
ymlpearl interface description file.
.pi files
ymlpearl source file.

Environment Variables

Specifies the pearl home directory


Build 'sim' and all of its dependencies

  ymlpearl sim

Build 'sim' and all of its dependencies with optimization level 3 and debug information.

  ymlpearl -O3 -g sim


B.J. Overeinder (pearl compiler)
J.G. Stil (pearl compiler)
Andy Pimentel andy@science.uva.nl (various improvements)
Frank Terpstra ftrpstra@science.uva.nl (yml interface)
Joseph Coffland jcofflan@users.sourceforge.net (yml interface, frontend, docs)

See Also

ymlpearlexec(1), ymlpp(1), PNRunner(1), http://sesamesim.sourceforge.net/