Joseph E Coffland

05 April 2006

Version 1.5.0

VirtualLayerGenerator automatically generates the virtual layer give the YML simulation file.

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VirtualLayerGenerator [-r] [-s] simulation.yml


Completely regenerate virtual layer YML.
Print virtual layer to standard out.


VirtualLayerGenerator is part of the SESAME software system. More information can be found on the web at

VirtualLayerGenerator, takes an YML simulation file as input and generates the virtual layer YML description. The generated virtual layer consists of virtual processors and virtual channels which are used to synchronize, schedule application and possibly reorder traces events from application processes.

If the [-r] option is not specified, the VirtualLayerGenerator will copy the old YML rather than generate new YML when there are matching components in the old virtual layer YML. This means that changes to the auto-generated YML will not be lost when you rerun VirtualLayerGenerator. However, if you delete the virtual node of a process or channel it will be regenerated the next time VirtualLayerGenerator is run.

VirtualLayerGenerator was created with XmlPL, the XML Processing Language.


  # Preserve changes to valid virtual layer components
  VirtualLayerGenerator simulation.yml

  # Full regeneration of the virtual layer
  VirtualLayerGenerator -r simulation.yml

  # Print virtual layer to standard out
  VirtualLayerGenerator -s simulation.yml


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