Joseph E Coffland

05 April 2006

Version 1.5.0

PNRunnerYMLTool - A general tool for extracting information from YML files for PNRunner(1).

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PNRunnerYMLTool is part of the SESAME software system. More information can be found on the web at

PNRunnerYMLTool is used in project Makefiles in order to extract build information from YML files. It is also used by YMLEditor(1) to create template classes.

PNRunnerYMLTool was created with XmlPL, the XML Processing Language.


--classes application.yml
Print the names of each class referenced in the provided YML file.
--sources application.yml
Print the source files referenced in the provided YML file.
--create-base-classes application.yml
Create base classes for each node in the provided YML file. The base class contains a node's ports and is automatically kept in sync with the YML file by YMLEditor(1) using this command.
--create-node-template path
Creates default header and implementation files for a node.
--create-stubs application.yml [-I path]
Generates stub-loaders so PNRunner can dynamically load C++ classes. The -I option allows the user to specify files that should be included by the stub-loader. Includes for the classes that are passed between application nodes should be included in this way. This task was previously performed by PNTypeInfo which is now deprecated.
Print command line help.


  # Print application classes
  PNRunnerYMLTool --classes application.yml

  # Create application stub
  PNRunnerYMLTool --create-stubs application.yml -I mytypes.h >stub.cpp

  # See the MJPEG case-study Makefiles for more examples.


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