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9 The Build Menu

The build menu allows you to call make commands from the YMLEditor in order to build and run simulations. Build All will call make in the project's root directory. Clean All, Generate YML, Clean YML and Run will call the Makefile targets clean, yml, clean_yml and run respectively. A default Makefile that will handle each of these make targets is included with each new project. Executing Run will Build All and Generate YML first if necessary and then run your simulation.

Technical Note
The YMLEditor actually calls the ymleditor script and executes the commands buildall, cleanall, genyml, cleanyml and runsim. You could make the YMLEditor work with a different project build system by changing this script. You can also execute ymleditor help to get more information about the command line options to the ymleditor script.

Joseph Coffland 2006-04-05